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Summer Term News

Summer Term in Pwll School

It’s been a great time in Pwll School. I can't believe we're in Year 6 now! It feels like yesterday when we were in nursery. Year 5 and 6 have just come back from Pendine. It was such fun. We did canoeing, we did the obstacle course, climbing and we did the big zip line. I also roasted marshmallows on the last day!

We also had lovely weather for sports day down in Festival Fields. We did bean bag throws, archery, shot put and racing... but enough about that.

We’re currently practising for our Leaver’s Play. I can't believe it, I do not feel ready to leave Pwll School! I'm still practicing but we have already memorised the songs. One of songs is lovely but very emotional, I bet the mums and dads are really excited but will definitely cry! We’re really making the most of our last few weeks in Primary School. We’ve had an amazing time.

By Jayden, Year 6



Pwll Summer Term Sports Report

This term Pwll School has been full of exciting sport events including swimming, a football tournament and sports day! The first day of swimming we were all extremely excited to go to the Leisure Centre. We had to walk down the gigantic hill to get to the bus stop. The instructor Rhys assessed our swimming skills to put us in groups, and supported our teachers to help us improve our skills. On the final day of swimming, we had some crisps, chocolate, and a drink of our choice, to celebrate our fantastic achievements! Swimming was fun (other than walking up the hill back to school after swimming!).

Now we are going to talk about sports day. It was very hot and sunny. In our school we have colour groups or teams. They are Coch, Glas, Melyn, and Gwyrdd, my colour group. First, we had the Foundation Phase races. We helped them set up the hurdles.


Then finally it was my time to shine. I finally got to race, the only thing was I didn’t get a place and sadly, my team came 4th - Erin.


Then it was my time to shine and I got 2nd place. My team somehow came 3rd, even though we usually get 1st every year!   -Rhiland.

The football tournament was also a great event. We went straight into playing football matches when we arrived. Although I fell and hurt myself, we still had an exciting time. Some of us could not wait for dinner, we were so hungry!

We look forward to writing to you again!


By Rhiland and Erin


Summer Term adventures of Year 3 and 4


We visited Parc Y Bocs and first we went to put our bags in the cabin and then they explained some rules to us.


We went to see some cabbages, wigwams, the three sisters and then went to smell some herbs, like basil and Rosemary. Then we went back to wash our hands, collect our drinks and packed lunch. We then went back to the bench and ate our lunch. And every 5 or 10 minutes the dog would come up to us to try and go under the bench. After that we went to see the solar panels and the old chicken place. We went to the gate and opened it to go walk down to the park and we saw a poly tunnel and looked at it. Then we walked to the park played for a bit and then waited on a wall for the bus to pick us up and bring us back to school.


By Isabella, Year 4



We went to Stevie Bees!! It was a long journey walking down and when we got there we went into the piping hot poly tunnel. They also gave us free plants to have fun with in our school allotment!


We also went over the Gower, we had a great day exploring and some people fell flat on their faces when it was their turn on the rope!


By Rory, Year 3