Pwll CP School

Mighty oaks from acorns grow

News from the Spring Term

Vicar Lorna

We have been very lucky this term as Vicar Lorna has been coming into school to tell us all about the different stories of the bible. Last week she came to school and spoke about our senses, she had brought in a bag that was full of interesting items for us to smell. The first of which were holy oils, they were really interesting and then perfumes and plants. She spread the perfumes on a paper cloth, and we all had a chance to smell the paper clothes. She then passed around the plants which we rubbed and smelled. In my opinion the plants smelled the best but Jenson absolutely hated the smell of the plants, he puffed the perfumes (he loved the perfumes) I quite liked the perfumes but Max didn’t!


She told us that the bible has a lot of other stories that she would like to tell us and next time she comes in to see us she will speak to us about Easter. We also did a prayer, which I really enjoyed as it made me feel relaxed and helped me think of how to care for myself. We all said goodbye to Vicar Lorna and she went on to speak to the other children in the school. We are all interested in what Vicar Lorna is telling us and we really enjoy her visits.

By Imogen Y5


Comic Relief


For Comic relief the school council put together a school talent show for pupils to enter. Before the event we made a sheet of paper for pupils to sign their names on and include a talent that they wanted to present to the rest of the school. Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 participated. We had two hosts and a lot of entries although there were no judges. After lunch we started the talent show. First the hosts came on stage and introduced everyone. They called up the first act, which was Savannah and Will for year 1, they did comedy. They told some really funny jokes. There were many more acts across the school including piano playing, comedy, singing, dancing, and clumsiness (I still do not know if that was a real act). The last act was gymnastics and dancing. They flipped, bent, and danced, they really were very talented and a great way to end our exciting show. It was so much fun watching all the brilliant children we have in Pwll School perform their talents.

By Immy and Kayden Y6


Wheelchair Rugby!


On 23/3/2023 we went on a trip to Coleg Sir Gar to have a go at wheelchair rugby. Where we had such an exciting time. We began by getting on our school minibus and some pupils went in Miss Davies’ car. When we got there, we saw ten interesting wheelchairs which were in a huge sports hall with blue walls with marks on the ground to show where the different pitches were. We had to stay within the lines otherwise we would have to give the ball to the opposite team.


The people who were running this wheelchair rugby course explained what we would be doing and told everyone how to get in a wheelchair, we were so excited but we needed to listen to the rules first so no one would get hurt. We got in the wheelchair, buckled our seatbelt, and put our feet in the safety strap. We were all extremely excited to give it a go. We took off in the wheelchair and it was so much fun. Some of us went fast, some were more cautious and some even went round in circles. Next the coach said we are going to do some fun drills to develop our skills. They taught us how to go around the spots and we also had a race while doing it. Then we had passing skills with a partner. After that we learned how to tackle, we had to crash into the front area of the chair that had a protective bar. Then the coach said let's get into some wheelchair rugby games. We were put into teams of five and it was an amazing experience for us, we loved it so much.


All of a sudden, the coaches told us we had a surprise, we waited for two minutes and then the mascot of the Scarlets (Cochyn) came to see us. We all gave him a high-five and a hug and at the end we all had a picture with him. We all said thank you for having us and we hope to see you again soon.

By Tilly, Erin and Molly Y6




During the Spring term, the children of Year 3 and 4 took part in the Lead Creative Schools project, funded by the Arts Council Wales. 


The school appointed two highly-skilled and talented lead creative practitioners to collaborate on the project. The project enabled the children to develop their imagination and creativity through exploring the invaders and settlers through history. 


The pupils used their imagination and creativity to make a huge bank of Viking artefacts, and to create a final movement piece which was performed to parents, guardians and friends of the school!


Enchanted Woodlands


This term in the foundation phase our theme is ‘Enchanted Woodlands’. To start our topic, we had a visit from Mrs Fox. ‘The fox sounded like a boy! We asked the fox lots of questions, like ‘do you lay eggs?’ and ‘who do you live with?’ (Teddy,Year Two). It was so much fun that we even wrote more questions for her and asked her to come back again to answer them! We asked some amazing questions like ‘Do you eat everything in the world?’ (Harrison, Reception) and ‘What do you hunt?’ (Joey, Nursery).


After that, we had a magical theatre performance from Arad Goch called ‘Where the leaves blow’. We started by collecting natural materials from outside, and then took these to the hall where a huge tent had been set up. It was incredible! We watched as the actress set up her imaginary home using leaves, rocks and wood. She used a mix of English, Welsh and British Sign Language to tell her story.  One nursery pupil said that her favorite part was when ‘a man was hiding but then he woke up,and messed up everything. Then he hid again. Then the woman came back and didn’t know what had happened to her house!’ (Brooke, Nursery). In the end ‘they fell in love with each other and played music’ (Cai, Year Two). Savannah’s favorite part was ‘building stuff’ at the end of the performance with her friends (Savannah, Year One). Cai (Year Two) remembered that he had ‘built an amazing forest’.


The next day, we wanted to learn more about British Sign Language, and why it’s used. We decided to learn how to greet people and spell our names to celebrate British Sign Language week!



WRU Nations Inclusion Festival


Our pupils in the ASD classes had lots of fun at the WRU Nations Inclusion Festival and Wheelchair Rugby Event Carmarthenshire at the Forge, Coleg Sir Gar this March.

‘We got to play wheelchair rugby which was my favourite part, but I also liked passing the rugby ball.’ (Romeo ATF2)


The event was organised well with all pupils enjoying a variety of key skills including kicking, passing, weaving between cones, jumping and of course scoring tries. The inflatable passing game proved popular with all.


‘I liked the dodgeball the most, it was the most fun’ (Xavi ATF2)

As well as learning key skills, pupils demonstrated excellent teamwork especially playing dodgeball.


The event gave our children the opportunity to have a go at wheelchair rugby which some of the older pupils exclaimed was their favourite part of the session.


As well as enjoying this sporting event, we have had an amazing opportunity to visit Llanelli Leisure Centre weekly to partake in SEN skills for sport sessions. The children have enjoyed the variety of sports activities promoting physical literacy on offer coupled with the inflatable fun and sensory room sessions.