Governor’s Annual Report / Adroddiad Blynyddol y Llywodraethwyr

Pwll CP School
Governors’ Annual Report to Parents 2016-17


Address School Road




SA15 4AL

Phone 01554 773962


Chairman’s foreword


It is with great pleasure and a privilege that I am able to present this year’s Annual Report. This is only possible with great effort from our head and all the staff. I am always humbled to witness all the hard work the staff, the governors and most importantly our young learners have put into the last year. In this report we see the continued and positive results of their efforts.

Our Parent Teacher Association has again been excellent with the numerous events becoming the highlight of the school calendar. The summer fair was again a massive success only possible with the huge efforts from parents. But the most impressive achievement that’s visible to all is the Graffiti Wall. This has brightened up the old playground walls with a unique and inspiring landscape. The infants yard has also gained from these efforts with the revamp of the sheds, the acquisition of a set of bikes for young children, and a clean-up of the garden.


This is only possible with the ongoing commitment of our parents and staff and I would encourage everyone to support this in any way possible and I hope we can look forward to even more creative events and rewards for our pupils in the forthcoming year.


We welcomed new staff members, with a special welcome to Miss Hollands in Y5/6, and we wish her well in her new role and thank her for joining our team. Our ATF team have been working hard as always as well as fundraising for new mini bus and are always looking for donations to help with this along the way.

Mr. Trotman and his team have again worked hard to tackle specific areas of development with good results which allows us to apply new focus elsewhere. Welsh language has been recognised in this and has seen great results. Our focus is on key initiatives as always and with the support of parents and staff, I am pleased to say that we are heading in the right direction in order to make our school feature with the best. .

On behalf of the Governors we wish to thank Mr. Trotman and all the staff for their passion and commitment and we wish to thank all our parents and guardians for your support and continued devotion.

Finally, I wish to thank my fellow governors, it has been a pleasure once again to work with you.



Richard Davies.

Chair of Governors





At Pwll CP School we move ever closer to our vision by:-

  • Placing enjoyment and motivation at the heart of our broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum
  • Involving pupils in planning innovative and imaginative learning experiences which take account of how children learn best
  • Continually developing the environment to ensure our pupils continue to thrive – physically, emotionally, socially, academically and creatively
  • Creating a nurturing learning environment where pupils have opportunities to discuss feelings and emotions, take risks, learn from mistakes and to grow to understand themselves and those around them
  • Developing a whole-school learning community
  • Continually developing ways to involve parents and the wider school community in school life
  • Being positive and optimistic about the future, and what can be achieved


Pwll School Core Values

  • Respect – for self and others
  • Happiness and enjoyment
  • Learning – now and always
  • Friendship
  • Equality and inclusion


Vision summary


At Pwll Primary school we continually improve in everything we do.  All pupils enjoy coming to school to experience a colourful, child-led curriculum which inspires learning through imagination and innovation.


All of our pupils learn to take responsibility for themselves as life-long learners in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.  A strong inclusive ethos encourages all pupils to develop to their full potential – physically, emotionally, socially, academically and creatively.


All members of Pwll Primary School community work together with great optimism and belief that all people can achieve great things in life.  Every day we strive to ensure that our little acorns go on to become magnificent oak trees.




This report contains information as suggested by the National Assembly for Wales.  A glossary of any acronyms used can be found on the last page.


Governing Body Details


Chair of Governors:

Mr R. Davies (Parent governor)

c/o Pwll C P School

School Road

Pwll, Llanelli


SA15 4AL (01554 773962


Clerk to Governors:

Mrs A. Rees

c/o Pwll C P School

School Road

Pwll, Llanelli


SA15 4AL (01554 773962



Mr P. Trotman

Minor Authority Representative

Cllr S. Phillips

Teacher Representative

Mrs M. Knott


Lea Representatives

Mr R. Staines

Cllr. P. Edwards

Cllr C Wheeler-Jones

Staff Representative

Mrs K. Davies


Parent Representatives

Mr R Davies

Mrs E. Pugh

Mrs L. Murray

Mrs M. Camm


Co-opted Members

Mr W. Thomas

Mr M Aitken




Foundation Phase Teacher Assessments


The following shows the results for foundation phase teacher assessments for this year.  At the end of the foundation phase, children are expected to achieve foundation phase outcome 5. Teachers assess children on an ongoing basis using level descriptions from the foundation phase curriculum and these assessments were finalised in the summer term 2017 with Y2 pupils.


Disaggregated – pupils able to be assessed
Year Cohort Size
Year 2 Boys 6
Date Girls 5
June 2017 All 12
O2 1
O3  1  1
O5 5 6 5
O6 5 4 5
O5+ 10 10 10
%O5+ 90.9 90.9 90.9  
%O6+ 45.5 36.4 45.5  
Core Subject Indicator
Boys No. 5
Girls 5
All 10
Boys %age 80.00
Girls 100.00
All 90.9
Diff. -20




Please note that a number of factors can influence the Foundation Phase Indicator (no. of pupils achieving level 5 in all 3 areas), e.g. size of cohort, number of children with SEN in a cohort, number of more able and talented children in a cohort etc.

Key Stage Two Teacher Assessments


The following shows the results for key stage 2 teacher assessments for this year.  At the end of key stage 2, the expected attainment is level 4.  Teachers assess children using level descriptions from the national curriculum.  The assessments were carried out with Year 6 pupils in the summer term 2017.


Disaggregated – pupils able to be assessed
Year Cohort Size
Year 6 Boys 4
Date Girls 5
June 2017 All 9
  English Maths Science Welsh
L3 3 3 3 5
L4 2 0 2 2
L5 4 6 4 2
L4+ 9 9 9 9
%L4+ 66.67 66.67 66.67 44.4
%L5+ 44.44 66.67 44.44 22.22
Core Subject Indicator
Boys No. 3
Girls 3
All 6
Boys %age 75.00
Girls 60.00
All 66.67
Diff. +15.00



Again, please note that a number of factors can influence Core Subject Indicator (no. of pupils achieving L4 in each of the 3 areas- Eng/Mat/Sci), e.g. size of cohort, number of children with SEN in a cohort, number of able and talented children in a cohort etc.  The data has been disaggregated to include only pupils reasonably able to be assessed against the NC outcomes.






Financial Details


Please note our financial year is not the same as the school year or the calendar year.  The following is a summary of the school’s financial position for the financial year 01.04.16 – 31.03.17.

Gwariant Net 2016/17 611,892 Net Expenditure 2016/17
Dyraniad Ariannu yn ôl Fformwla 2016/17 -626,023 Formula Funding Allocation 2016/17
Arian Wrth Gefn yn Cario Drosodd o 2015/16 -11,680 Surplus Carried Forward from 2015/16
Arian Wrth Gefn yn Cario Drosodd i 2017/18 -25,811 Surplus Carried Forward to 2017/18



Additional Learning Needs (ALN)


We continue to provide a high standard of support within the framework of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales 2002. We consistently operate the Graduated Response, as required by the Code of Practice.  Around 36% of all pupils are on the SEN register. This high percentage is largely as a result of the school hosting the Autism Teaching Facility.  In the year 2016/17 there were 3 full-time mainstream children with statements and 13 pupils in the ATF with statements or a development plan indicating a need for a specialist provision.  As at the end of 2017, 19.5% of all pupils have a statement or place in the specialist autism provision.


How is the ALN register constructed?

When a member of the teaching staff has a concern related to the academic progress, emotional development or medical condition of a pupil, they bring their concerns to the attention of the Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo). The teacher and ALNCo then decide on a course of action. This usually involves a period of close observation by the Class Teacher and ALNCo.  If, after a period of time, the child’s progress no longer gives cause for concern, then no further action is necessary.  However, if the child continues to present with difficulties, then they may be placed on the ALN Register. Pupils with a Statement of Educational Needs are also entered on the ALN Register.


In October of every year, all children take part in The All Wales Reading Test. On the basis of this survey, teacher observations and assessments, support time is allocated to individual pupils and provided accordingly within the school. Pupils who are in possession of a Statement of Educational Needs are also entered as part of this annual survey.


Occasionally referrals are made to the Carmarthenshire ALN support team via the ALN panel asking for further support, or for advice from specialist teachers employed by this service. Pupils referred might already be entered on the ALN Register, or they might be new additions to the register.


What is an IEP?

All pupils listed on the ALN Register are required by the Code of Practice to receive an Individual Education Plan which is constructed with direct reference to their specific needs. Our IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are written and reviewed a minimum of twice yearly.  In accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice, the views of parents and pupils are sought and recorded within the review process.


Who is responsible for delivering ALN support in the school?

Mrs M Knott is the ALNCo (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) and a range of experienced support staff provide our ALN support.   Mrs Knott is always happy to discuss your child’s progress in relation to special needs, should you wish to do so. Miss N Lewis proves a similar service in the school for our pupils in the Autism Teaching Facility.


Who is the governor with responsibility for Special Needs?

The Code of Practice requires that a member of the governing body is allocated the responsibility of liaising with the ALNCo and Headteacher, in order to maintain a high standard of provision for children with special needs.  Our current governor at Pwll Primary School is Mrs E Pugh, who is also a qualified teacher.


Progress against School Development Plan

Target 1.

Maximise the impact of teaching and learning upon pupil progress


This target represents our work in developing the pupils into live-long ‘visible’ learners


Success Criteria

·      All staff and leaders are trained and incorporate Visible Learing principles into their roles in the school

·      All staff have completed and analysed their first evidence into action projects

·      We are beginning to see strategies having an impact on pupils’ learning though improved pupil outcomes

·      Pupils are aware of the role they play in their own learning

·      Y2 will achieve 50% &, 40% and 50% at O6, PSD, LCE and MDT respectively

Success Criteria

·         Achieved

·         Achieved

·         Emerging strategies – Pupils in some classes now using their level descriptors to improve their work.

·         Emerging evidence shows that  pupils are beginning to show an awareness of the role they play in their own learning

·         Y6 will achieve 37.50% at L5, E,M&S – Y6 – ACHIEVED 66.6%, 44.4%, 44.4%.

·         Y2 will achieve 50% &, 40% and 50% at O6, PSD, LCE and MDT respectively, Y2 – ACHIEVED 50%,40%, 50%




Target 2.

Implement the Digital Competence Framework and embed the revised ICT scheme of work


Success Criteria

·      The ICT scheme is being followed appropriately in all classes

·      Lesson observations show that cross curricular use of ICT is rated good or better in all observations where ICT is an agreed focus

Success Criteria

·         The ICT scheme is being followed appropriately in all classes.  Following changes in all classes this year, this will again need to be monitored.

·         Lesson observations showed that cross curricular use of ICT was rated good or better in all observations where ICT is was agreed focus




Target 3.

Raise standards in bilingualism through the school – this target represents our work against the Bronze targets for the Welsh Second Language Charter


Success Criteria

Bilingualism is judged to be good or better in all lesson observations in the mainstream classrooms


There are huge number of targets associated with each of these strands.  As a school we have achieved approximately 80-90% of the bronze objectives and are in the process of collating evidence for our assessment.  This will run onto the new development plan, which will now be made up of approx. 15% bronze actions and 85% silver.


Bilingualism was judged good or better in all formal lesson observations in mainstream classes.

Target 4.Develop the role of the Governing Body


Success Criteria

All governors allocated attend 3 meetings, and complete 3 visit forms

Individual governors gain a greater understanding of particular aspects of the school’s work and area able to report on progress in meetings

The outcomes of all other targets in the SDP are positive

The governors completed all visits and visit forms, outlining targets for the school to address.

Governors have attended INSET training, regular updates with aspect leaders, pupil council meetings, meetings with LEA professionals, and took part in monitoring activities alongside staff.  All formal SDP linked visits have been documented in detail.  The chair of governors has visited the school on many occasions, including to review progress against this SDP objective.



Summary of changes to the school prospectus since last publication


The prospectus for 2017 has been updated to include details of new staff at the school.  Following the appointment of the new clerical officer, we will be further updating all aspects of the school prospectus throughout the year.  There is now a separate ATF prospectus.


Disability Discrimination Act


We continue to explore ways of improving access to our school.  The governors and staff welcome parents and pupils with disabilities in to the school, and with the help of the Local Authority we will seek to minimise any barriers that may make accessing our services a challenge.


All pupils, whatever their needs or disabilities, are treated with equal care and consideration.  If you have a particular disability, please inform us and we will seek to adapt our practices in order to cater for your needs.





The school annual sports day took place at Pwll Park in late May.  Congratulations to the Green team who won the junior cup, and to the Yellow team who were winners of the infant competition this year. Pupils also took part in a range of sporting activities in venues across Carmarthenshire, including football tournaments, swimming sessions, athletics tournaments and golf sessions.  Pupils from the ATF classes enjoyed a sporting break at Llangrannog where they developed their skills in climbing, horse-riding and carting, among other activities.  Pupils from the Y5/6 class also enjoyed an activity break, in Pendine, where they tried enjoyed kayaking, climbing, archery and hiking, in between getting wet and muddy in a host of other different outdoor adventures.



Transition and community links


Throughout the year older pupils took part in a series of events aimed at easing the transition process. This included a weekly after school club organised by staff at Glanymor school, and several full day visits.  This has helped our pupils to meet teachers, make new friends and find their way around the building before they start there in Y7.  Feedback from pupils has been very positive, with these experiences serving to ease any anxieties before the ‘big move!’


The school is in a Communities First area.  We have taken full advantage of the additional community focused experiences this has afforded us.  These have included the following:

  • Support from the CF team to set up our PTA groups, and make use of systems to reward members of the community for their time contributions
  • Visiting artists –to paint the wall in the junior yard with the pupils, and design 3d sculptures
  • Courses for parents, including – First Aid, Food Hygiene, Read Write Inc, Letter formation
  • Parent / child courses –involving parents working alongside their own children


The Community Police team continue to work with classes around the school.  They have been able to tailor their service to the needs of the school community, and have again delivered workshops in E-safety, online bullying and other important issues over the course of the year.

Rev. Lewis of Bethlehem Chapel continues to entertain the pupils around key dates in the Christian calendar.  Pupils have visited for services at Easter and Harvest this year.


Curriculum studies have taken pupils to St Fagans and Pembrokeshire and parts of Llanelli this year as the pupils look to develop their local and national knowledge in geography and history.



Session Times


Stage a.m. times p.m. times
Foundation phase 9.00 a.m. – 12 noon 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Key Stage Two 8.55 a.m. – 12.15 p.m. 1.00 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.




Our attendance fell last year to 93.6%.  This is the lowest attendance we have had for some years.  Please can you make every effort to bring the pupils to school come rain or come shine to help us get our attendance figures back up.










Forthcoming  term dates



Term Term begins Half Term Term Ends
Autumn 2017 Tuesday 5th September Monday 30th October – Friday 3rd November Friday 22nd December
Spring 2018 Monday 8th January Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February Thursday 29th March
Summer 2018 Tuesday 17th April Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June Tuesday 24th July
  • Designated INSET Days – Monday 4th September 2017, Monday 16th April 2018.
  • School Designated INSET days – 3 days are to be taken at the schools’ discretion.
  • Good Friday: 30th March, 2018, May Day: 7th May, 2018

Please note that this calendar is subject to any changes that may arise as a result of government policy decisions. We do not accept liability for any losses incurred in respect of altered holiday arrangements following such changes.

Admission Arrangements


The school follows Local Authority procedures with regards to admissions.  This now involves the use of an online tool for admissions.  For more information regarding admissions please contact the LEA on 01267 234567.  A link to the admissions page can be found on our school website –


Policies that have been reviewed in 2016-2017


The following policies were reviewed by the governing body during the last academic year:


ERW Pay Policy Admissions Absence Management
Safeguarding Complaints Lettings
Disciplinary Procedures Safer Recruitment Charging
Preventing Extremism Bomb Threat Code of Conduct
Equal Opportunities Grievance Whistleblowing
Safer Recruitment Performance Management Health & Safety
Asset Management Home-School Agreement Record Retention
Anti-Bullying Child Protection Physical Intervention
Supervision Positive Behaviour Children Absconding
Preventing Extremism Intimate Care Teaching & Learning
Assessment Marking & Feedback Homework
Collective Worship Capability Fire Safety Management
Financial Management Able & Talented Off-Site Visits
Differentiation Inclusion ALN
Attendance SEP & SAP E-Safety
ICT Acceptable Use

Glossary of terms


The following is a list of abbreviations and terms that might be found in an annual report.


Term Definition
ADDs Additional Directed Duties (time in addition to teaching that teachers should be working in school)
ALNCo Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator
ATF Autism Teaching Facility
BLP Building Learning Power
CPD Continuing Professional Development
CSI Core Subject Indicator (KS2)
ERW Education through Regional Working
FPh Foundation Phase
FPI Foundation Phase Indicator
GTCW General Teaching Council for Wales
HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant
ICT Information Communication Technology
INSET In Service Training
KS2 Key stage 2 (Juniors)
LEA Local Education Authority
LSAs Learning Support Assistants
NfER National Foundation for Educational Research
NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
PPA Planning, Preparation & Assessment (time given to teachers)
PSD Personal and Social Development
PSE Personal and Social Education
PTA Parent Teacher Association
SDP School Development Plan
SEG School Effectiveness Grant
SEN Special Education Needs
SER Self – evaluation report
SLT Senior Leadership Team
TAs Teaching Assistants
WAG Welsh Assembly Government