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Foundation Phase
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Foundation Phase Newsletter

Autumn Term 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back everybody to a new school year! The children have settled really well after the summer holiday and are all eager to learn. For those parents and carers of children new to the school this term, I extend a warm welcome and would like to introduce you to the Foundation Phase Team. Working alongside me this term will be our two foundation phase assistants Mrs Kath Davies, leading the Nursery and Miss Victoria John. We also have Miss Amy Lewis and Miss Janine Owen, both supporting individual pupils in Foundation Phase.

P.E. / Outdoor activities

Physical development sessions will take place on Thursdays for all full-time pupils. Mrs Knott's class will need to wear PE clothes to school and bring uniform in order to change. Mrs Davies' class are required to come to school in uniform with their PE clothes in their bag in order to change.

Part-time Nursery – the children are involved in Physical Development activities throughout the morning sessions and they will not need ‘PE’ clothes for the first half term. We will let you know more after half term.

Children in full-time Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will need trainers, a T-shirt and shorts/tracksuit bottoms – please could you also make sure long hair is tied back.  P.E. kit can be worn to school on the appropriate day with their uniform in their school bag. It is important that children have the opportunity to change after games as this is an important part of their physical development. All clothing should be clearly labelled as jumpers, trousers and skirts all look the same! These sessions will include developing fine motor skills and creative tasks so some lessons will involve ‘messy’ experiences!

This term, we are embarking on an initiative called ‘The Daily Mile’, which encourages children to get regular daily exercise and has proven benefits for learning. Our British weather is very changeable so please could you ensure that your child brings a coat with a hood (or hat) to school every day as we will endeavour to complete this whatever the weather.


As part of our outdoor learning environment we have a ‘mud kitchen’! As the name suggests, while working here the children can get very dirty! Please provide a pair of wellies for your child to wear when working in this area. Waterproof clothing is provided in school.



Healthy Snack Scheme

Our Healthy Snack Scheme is open to all pupils and provides your child with a variety of healthy foods to enjoy during morning break each day. It is priced at £1 per week. If you wish for your child to have snacks from the scheme please ensure you pay a member of the Foundation Phase team at the door on the Friday before the week commences. This is very important as this money is used to purchase the snacks over the weekend, ready for the week ahead. We hope as many pupils as possible will join the scheme as it helps highlight to the children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. We ask that your child bring their own water bottle to school, clearly labelled, however to keep in line with our healthy school’s policy these must contain water only – no squash or fizzy drinks please.



Your child may bring a reading book and/or flashcards home on a Friday. I hope you will be able to support your child’s progress by listening to them and talking about the stories. Regular reading is one of the most important ways to support your child’s learning at home. Please ensure that books are returned to school on Monday morning as the children need them during their literacy sessions every morning. Your child will read individually to an adult once a week but will also be reading daily as part of a group, so don’t worry if he / she has the same book for the week. Practise it daily and talk about the stories.

Each child has been provided with a ‘School Bag’ for their book and reading record. Please use this only for this purpose and not for water bottles and coats, as this damages our reading books. Thank you!


Checkout the following website for e-books and activities you and your child can access:


High frequency words: Each child has been given a set of high frequency words to practise at home. These are the words which are most likely to occur in daily reading and must therefore be learnt by sight – and a lot of practise! Please look at these words with your child little and often (5 minutes each day is more beneficial than half an hour once a week) to further aid your child’s reading progression.


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress in reading, or any other area of the curriculum, please do not hesitate to discuss them with me.


If you have any queries, please feel free to come and see me or any of the Foundation Phase team at the end of the school day.


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Michelle Knott (Foundation Phase Teacher)


There are two themes this term; ‘Supermarket’ before half term and ‘Remember Remember’ after half term.

 ‘Supermarket’ has a science focus and teaches children about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling. During this theme we hope to visit a local supermarket (details to follow). Have a look at the home learning challenges for activities to support your child’s learning during this topic. These tasks may be completed at any time and we would love the children to share their work with us in school.

In this project the children will learn:

  • How various materials react to being heated, cooled, mixed, twisted,

  • crushed and changed using a range of processes;

  • What products are sold at supermarkets and how they are packaged;

  • How to follow and write a recipe;

  • How to use metric measurements of weight;

  • To identify the features of a fair test;

  • How to be aware of safety and hygiene when preparing food;

  • To solve simple problems using money and recognise different coins;

  • How to design and make packaging and labelling using various techniques and vocabulary.


‘Remember Remember’has a history focus and teaches children about The Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot and how these are remembered.

In this project children will learn:

  • About life in 1600’s England;

  • About two significant events of the time, the Gunpowder Plot and the Great Fire of London;

  • About significant people of the time including Guy Fawkes and Samuel Pepys;

  • About the dangers of fire and how to keep safe;

  • How to write recounts and diaries of real events;

  • How to express their ideas about fire through painting and textile