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Dear Parents/Carers,


Please could you take note of the following:


Bomb threats to schools

As you may be aware, a number of schools across the UK received hoax bomb threat calls this week.   I would like to reassure you that we have firm procedures in place should such an event take place at Pwll CP School. 


In essence we would be following our usual fire evacuation procedures in the first instance, with all children and staff gathering in the junior yard, away from the main building.  At the same time as this, we would make a call to the emergency services.   In a recent such event in Llanelli, police were on the scene before the children had left the building and took over proceedings from that point on. 


Any decision as to whether to take children completely off-site would be made in conjunction with emergency services at the scene.  If this is considered necessary, pupils will be taken to Pwll Park, until we have the all-clear to return to school. 


All staff are aware of these procedures, and there is a significantly high adult to child ratio in the school to allow any such operation to take place safely.


The safety of pupils is of the utmost importance to us in Pwll CP School.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.



Yours sincerely,

Mr P Trotman



Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back after a very warm half term! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you support on the Schools Sports Day which proved once again to be a very enjoyable day for our pupils. Please check the school website and Twitter account for photos of the event.


Please could you take note of the following dates and information for the remainder of the summer term.


Queen’s Birthday Party Lunch

On Thursday 9th June we will be providing a party lunch to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Children are also encouraged to dress up for the occasion as Princesses, Princes, Kings or Queens!


Safe Cycling Course (Year 6)

Thursday 16th June – Y6 Pupils will need to bring a bicycle with them that is in good condition (i.e brakes, tyres and gears all in working order) and also a helmet. The course is an all-day outdoor event, so could pupils please bring water and apply sun-cream before coming to school.   Consent forms will also need to be returned for your child to participate.


Communities First Creative Workshop

Thursday 16th June - This Father’s Day inspired workshop will focus on helping parents to better understand their child’s creative abilities, confidence within school and gain skills to better support them at school. The session invites Fathers, Grandfathers, Carers and their children to create bespoke sculptures, personal to them and their relationship.


The workshop shall be delivered by Splat Cymru and will be on a first come first serve basis. 

If you are interested in your families taking part please let the school know asap.



Reminder  that there are two inset days at the end of this academic year, school will be closed on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th July. The last day in school for pupils will be Monday 18th July.  Please see dates for the remainder of the term on the back of this letter.


Yours sincerely,


Mr P Trotman


Dates for your diary:



Date 2016




9th June

Queens’ Birthday Party Lunch

16th June

Year 6 Off road cycling proficiency

16th June

Communities First Fathers’ Day Workshop 3:30pm

22nd June

Year 6 Transition Day - Glanymor

29th June

Year 5 Transition Day - Glanymor

29th June

Year 6 Transition Day - Glanymor

29th June

Year 6 Transition Day - St John Lloyds

30th June

*Summer Fair*



5th July

Nursery/Reception Sharing Assembly 9:15am

6th July

Year 1/2 Sharing Assembly 2:15pm

7th July

Year 3/4 Sharing Assembly 2:15pm

12th July

ATF Sharing Assembly  2:15pm

14th July

PTA Disco

15th July

Year 5 Sharing + Year 6 Leavers Assembly 9:30am

18th July

Last day of term

19th & 20th July INSET Days - School closed for pupils